Essential Features for Every Business

By Philips Monitors, 29 Nov 2018.

For a business to run smoothly, it must have the right people, but it doesn’t end there. Those people then need the right tools to perform their duties efficiently. Philips Monitors has developed the B Line and M Line to meet the needs of businesses from various aspects. Let's take a closer look at the features that can make a real difference in how your team works.

The 271B8QJEB's SmartErgoBase provides maximum comfort for long workdays, while reducing cable clutter for a cleaner work desk.

Smart and Ergonomic
Studies have shown that the average office worker spends an average of six and a half hours a day working at their computer or laptop. That amounts to around 1,700 hours a year! With these numbers in mind, it's crucial that your staff's workstations are as comfortable as possible. In order to make this happen, Philips has incorporated the SmartErgoBase into the 271B8QJEB monitor. This feature enables users to make ergonomic adjustments, such as people-friendly height, swivel, tilt and rotation. These adjustable features ensure they achieve the best position for maximum comfort, which will ease the physical strains of a long workday. In addition, the SmartErgoBase's cable management feature helps to reduce cable clutter and keeps the workspace looking neat and professional.

The 272B7QPTKEB is designed with two outstanding features, an UltraNarrow Border and Pop-up Webcam, which maximizes viewing and prevents potential security risks respectively.

Minimize to maximize
You expect your staff to do their best on those crucial projects, but to do that, their work environment should be optimal too. Even little details can make a world of difference. This is where a clean and organized desk really counts. In order to create a more zen-like feel at the workplace, the Philips 272B7QPTKEB monitor boasts an UltraNarrow Border. Designed to minimize visual distractions and maximize the screen for optimal viewing size, this feature also creates a sleek and stylish look for offices. The UltraNarrow Border also enables your team members to easily create multi-display or tiling set ups, which are especially suited for graphic design and professional applications. The UltraNarrow Border not only gives them the feeling of using one large display, but also offers a more immersive viewing experience.

Hidden feature that stands out
Webcams have become an indispensable tool at the work place. They make it easier for your team to connect with colleagues over long distances and collaborate on important projects with partners all over the world. Yet, each webcam in the office presents a security risk. Once breached by hackers, they can become an unauthorised access point to confidential information. In order to allay such concerns and block those intruders, Philips Monitors has added a unique security feature to its 272B7QPTKEB monitor - an ingenious pop-up webcam. This feature offers greater security for office webcams and makes life tough for camera hackers. When needed for meetings, the webcam pops up at a single touch, and when not in use, it can be securely hidden neatly away in the display frame.

Thanks to its expansive screen size and UltraClear 4K UHD image clarity, the 436M6VBRAB becomes a superior tool for both precision and productivity.

Clarity to see more, do more
Precision, details and productivity are all important for a business, and one way to achieve this is with a monitor that delivers impeccable picture quality. The Philips 436M6VBRAB monitor, from our Momentum Line, is an UltraClear 4K UHD with 3840 x 2160 resolution for utmost precision. In addition to its superior image clarity, its expansive 42.51" size makes it particularly ideal for demanding professional applications such as CAD solutions, 3D graphics or huge financial spreadsheets. But that's not all, its MultiView 4K feature enables your staff to operate and view up to four systems on one screen. This has the potential to greatly increase work possibilities and overall productivity like never before.

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