Events & Campaigns

Philips Monitors Malaysia Meet & Greet

By Philips Monitors, 21 Jun 2019.

Event: Central Dealer Gathering Date: 25th April 2019, Thursday Venue: Farmers Street Restaurant, Petaling Jaya The event was a collaborative effort of local Philips Monitors distributor (Banleong), together with Gigabyte...


By Philips Monitors, 20 Jun 2019.

Philips Monitors participated in two ICT expositions earlier this year in Japan. Let's see what transpired at Tokushima ICT Bazaar 2019 in Tokushima and DIS ICT Expo in Nagoya. Both...

The Year-End Philips Monitors Ultra Wide-Color Contest

By Philips Monitors, 05 Dec 2018.

Are you ready for The Year-End Philips Monitors Ultra Wide-Color Contest? Of course you are, and we can hear your excitement already! Why not, right, when there are generous prizes...

A Day With Philips Monitors

By Philips Monitors, 29 Dec 2017.

What was assumed to be just another day at home turned out to be more than that for the 33 children of Good Samaritan Home, one morning in early December....

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