Embrace the curve

By Philips Monitors, 01 Feb 2019.

Thinking about changing to a new monitor? How about getting a curved one? The introduction of curved monitors has literally changed how we look at and experience display technologies. Let us introduce you to our diverse range of curved monitors - the - 499P9H1, 349P7FUBEB, 328E9QJAB and 328M6FJRMB, as well as what they can do to enhance your home entertainment.

More immersive viewing
'Immersion' is the latest buzzword in display technology, but what does it actually mean? Immersion here refers to a sense of deep mental involvement in a media, whereby the viewer starts to forget that they are watching a screen. In the world of entertainment, and particularly gaming, immersion has become a new golden standard for both manufacturers and consumers. One of the latest products engineered to replicate this immersive effect is curved monitors, which takes advantage of three dimensions and our peripheral vision to deliver a fantastic new viewing experience.

Curved monitors are taken to the next level with the massive 499P9H1 monitor, which is like to high-performance monitors in one.

Quality right to the edge
When images are enlarged on a big flat screen, they tend to become blurred, particularly around the edges. This is not necessarily caused by a poor image source, but rather the distortion caused by the physics of light projection. Flat screens project their images in a straight line, some of which will go past the viewer's peripheral vision, this is what causes the perception of distortion. Meanwhile, a curved monitor projects their images towards the viewer, which limits perceivable distortions.

A wider field of view
One of the causes of eye strain when using flat monitors is that the screen goes beyond the viewer's natural field of view. This means that the eyes strain to take in a flat image, particularly a large one. In contrast, the curvature of curved monitors gives them a wider field of view. This makes them easier on the eyes, as they allow the viewer to take in an entire image at once without much ocular exertion.

Now that we've learned about the benefits of curved monitors, Let's meet the team of Philips Curved Monitors!

Wide open possibilities - The 499P9H1
The Philips Brilliance 32:9 SuperWide Curved LCD display or 499P9H1 brings you the size and performance of two full-sized high-performance monitors in one. It features Dual Quad HD technology with DisplayHDR 400, which renders a fuller palette of rich new colors, delivering a visual experience that engages your senses. It is also equipped with a 32:9 SuperWide aspect ratio and 5120 x 1440 resolution, which easily replaces multiscreen setups for a massive wide view, without the complicated setup. Due to its exemplary performance and design, it has won the coveted iF Design 2018 award and the Red Dot 2018 award.

Innovation in monitors like the 349P7FUBEB opens up a host of new possibilities. Its USB-C dock for example makes connecting to peripherals a breeze.

Get revolutionary - The 349P7FUBEB
The Philips Brilliance Curved Ultra-Wide display with USB-C dock 349P7FUBEB monitor, features a curved WQHD screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution. Equipped with revolutionary USB-C, it simplifies your connections by connecting all your peripherals to the monitor as a dock. In addition, it features a single slim and reversible connector to your notebook, for fast data, video and power transfers. And for a seamless appearance, it boasts a narrow border that allows for minimal distractions and maximum viewing size.

Stunning color - The 328E9QJAB
The 328E9QJAB is a Curved LCD monitor with Ultra Wide-Color that provides an experience of real immersion in Full HD. employing Ultra Wide-Color technology, it delivers a wider spectrum of colors for a more vivid picture, bringing all of your media and entertainment, as well as productivity more alive! This monitor also uses a multi-domain vertical alignment technology to give super-high static contrast ratios, bright images and 178/178 extra-wide viewing angles.

The Ambiglow feature in the 328M6FJRMB monitor creates a unique immersion that sets the scene for various forms of entertainment, from movies to gaming.

Bask in the glow - The 328M6FJRMB
The 328M6FJRMB is a Curved QHD LCD display with Ambiglow, which brings you another level of immersion perfect for watching movies or playing games. This 31.5" Quad HD monitor with 2560 x 1440 resolution features innovative Ambiglow, which intensifies entertainment with a halo of light. While processors enable it to adapt to and match the changing images on the screen, its user-friendly options also enable you to adjust the ambience to your liking. The immersion is made even more enjoyable by High Dynamic Range (HDR), which delivers a dramatic visual experience through a fuller, richer palette.

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