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A Fine Balance Between Technology and Budget

By Philips Monitors, 02 Jul 2018.

Planning to upgrade your computer monitor but on a limited budget? Perhaps you should check out the Philips Monitors E Line, a range of computers that offers some of the latest technologies without having to dig deep into your pocket. It is safe to say that with the E Line, you would be getting the best value for money monitor.

328E9QSB from the Philips Monitors E Line.

One particular model that we wish to highlight from the E Line is 328E9QSB. Let us share with you five distinctive attributes of this model.

Immersive experience
Curved displays are said to provide a wider field of view. When it comes to desktop monitors, which increasingly offer a more personal user experience, curved screens give a pleasant yet subtle immersion effect.

The curved monitor offers an immersive experience.

With the user as the focal point as he is seated at the center of his desk, he would definitely enjoy the enhanced level of immersive effect, which is in fact, a more realistic visual experience akin to real life. With this 1800R curved monitor, the world is indeed not flat.

Outstanding picture quality
With the immersive effect and wide viewing angles of the screen, it would be a waste if the picture quality wasn't top notch. 328E9QSB isn't just a 16:9 Full HD display, it also features the Ultra Wide-Color technology.

A wider spectrum of colors from Ultra Wide-Color technology.

Therefore, along with crispier details, high brightness and high contrast, expect a wider spectrum of colors for pictures that shine through brilliantly in more vivid colors, where the reds are livelier, greens are more natural and blues are deeper.

Seamless appearance
Take pleasure in the maximum viewing size of this 31.5" monitor, with minimal distractions. Sporting ultra-narrow borders, this feature allows for more screen real estate within the same physical monitor size.

Ultra narrow borders reduce distractions when used in a multi-screen setup.

While the thin bezel is becoming an increasingly important design factor for consumers when deciding on the purchase of a monitor for its aesthetic value, this seamless appearance is most advantageous when it comes to a multi-display or tiling setup, whether it is for gaming, professional applications, or security monitoring. The 328E9QSB, with its ultra-narrow borders, gives off the feeling of using just a single large display when they are tiled.

Eye wellbeing
Developed for eye wellbeing, 328E9QSB features the Philips LowBlue Mode setting. Using smart software technology, harmful shortwave blue light is reduced. It is common trend that more and more computer users are clocking longer screen time at work and also at home.

Harmful shortwave blue light is reduced by up to 90% via LowBlue Mode setting.

However, not many are aware that excessive computer use may cause eye damage due to the harmful blue light rays emitted from the monitor. What the LowBlue Mode of Philips does is to mitigate the impact of blue light exposure at its source. Prolonged computer use is definitely a more pleasant experience when up to 90% of the harmful blue light rays is mitigated.

Additionally, its Flicker-free technology ensures added eye comfort by regulating brightness and reducing flicker of the monitor.

Committed to using sustainable, eco-friendly materials across its monitor range, the 328E9QSB is no exception.

Eco-friendly materials are used on Philips Monitors E Line, including 328E9QSB.

100% recyclable materials are used for all body plastic parts, metal chassis parts, as well as packing materials. This is one monitor that has adhered to strict RoHS standards to ensure substantial reduction or elimination of toxic substances.

To conclude, Philips Monitors 328E9QSB can offer a positive user experience, with its immersive curved screen that projects stunning Full HD image quality, without costing a pretty penny. Suitable for office or home use, this is one monitor that outperforms its price tag.

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