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Four Key Features You Want In A Top Computer Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 29 Apr 2018.

Shopping can be a joy, and at the same time, it can be a chore. Like buying clothes or furniture, buying a computer monitor is just as confusing. In fact, it can be way more complicated, simply for the fact that there are so many features and specifications to look into.

Confused about which computer monitor to buy?

Not to worry, though. Once you know what you should look for when comparing monitors, things will fall into place and you will be able to pick your dream monitor easily. Having said that, the main question is always what you NEED. As such, allow us to recommend four latest features by Philips Monitors that bring the fun back to computer use.

If you are someone who wants to see all the finest details on your screen, 4K HDR may just be the solution to deliver this clarity. Enjoy extremely detailed visuals whether you are working on demanding graphic applications, resource-hungry video editing or huge financial spreadsheets.

4K HDR vs non-4K HDR.

And when it's time to wind the day down with a game or a movie, witness how images and graphics come alive in 4K HDR of a high performance display. Be forewarned; it will be difficult to pry yourself away from the computer!

See the brilliance of 4K HDR in 436M6VBRAB.

USB-C Dock
Do you fancy connecting all your digital devices to your computer display just through a single USB-C dock? This Philips Monitors' one-cable-docking system has made it simple and seamless for the modern-day computer user, bringing the term 'Plug-and-Play' to a whole new level. This USB-C dock is a technology that utilizes the new USB 3.1 Type-C cable with a slim and reversible connector. Be blown away by lightning speeds of 20 times USB 2.0 to transfer a 4K movie in under 60 seconds!

Enjoy seamless connectivity via a single USB-C dock.

Connection to electronic peripherals is not only hassle-free, continue to enjoy the same high-resolution video output on your display, without losing video or audio quality. There's more good news! Your laptop or camera will be charged while it is being hooked up! Isn't it high time to keep away those extra power cables?

Find out how it works in the 258B6QUEB.

Curved Display
Just like mobile phones, these days, desktop monitors also offer a unique personal user experience. This is where the curved design of the display comes in, as it provides a subtle immersive experience to the user, as he or she sits and focuses from the center of the work desk. The curved screen gives off a sense of wrapping around the user.

Immersive entertainment on the 349X7FJEW.

While the perception of depth is also enhanced, visual on a curved screen enters slightly more into the peripheral vision of the user compared to a flat screen. Therefore, he or she will enjoy a wider field of view, thus seeing more of what's displayed on the screen. With more to see and work on, productivity is easily boosted.

Check out the UltraWide 34" 349X7FJEW.

Flicker-free Technology
Do you suffer from tired eyes after long hours working at the computer? This is not uncommon due to the way brightness of computer monitors are controlled. Users may experience flicker on their screen, some that are not detectable by the naked eye, which can cause eye fatigue after prolonged use.

Say goodbye to tired eyes while using the 278E8QJAB.

The Flicker-free Technology by Philips has reduced this flicker on their Flicker-free range of displays using a solution of regulating brightness, for a more comfortable viewing experience. With an upgrade on computer hardware, one can finally say goodbye to eye fatigue.

Try the 278E8QJAB to see how it actually works.

These four Philips Monitors innovations sure help make computer use so much more enjoyable and comfortable!

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