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Get In The Moment With Immersive Ambiglow of 356M6QJAB

By Philips Monitors, 25 May 2018.

The 356M6QJAB Philips Monitors is from the Momentum line of displays. Equipped with Ambiglow lighting, it adds another dimension to your viewing experience.

Philips Monitors 356M6QJAB with Ambiglow effect.

How does Ambiglow work?
Ambiglow is an ambient lighting technology that radiates LED lights from the rear of the monitor. This smart technology analyzes the visual content on the screen and projects corresponding colors from the back of the monitor, surrounding the screen with ambient light. This halo of light around the screen increases the immersion in the images on screen.

Intensified entertainment
The 356M6QJAB, designed with entertainment in mind, is particularly suited for Ambiglow.

Gaming on 356M6QJAB with Ambiglow effect.

With its fast processor analyzing the incoming visual and emitting light to match that particular image at the right pace, color and brightness, this innovative technology gives the impression of viewing from a larger screen via the light that is bounced off surrounding walls. This is why 356M6QJAB is most suited for gamers.

Keeping a distance
For Ambiglow to work best, the monitor has to be placed at least 10 - 15 cm from the wall. This wall gap is to allow space for the light to bounce off from to create a halo around the screen.

Keep monitor 10 – 15 cm away from wall.

Ambiglow modes
While Ambiglow is an automated process when on Auto mode, users can easily adjust the ambiance according to personal preference and available wall surface. Recommended wall color is white. For maximum effect, dim the brightness of your room. User options include Bright, Brighter and Brightest or Pure White Glow mode. Reduce eye fatigue from prolonged computer usage when you opt for Pure White Glow mode's biased lighting effect.

About 356M6QJAB
With the tag line "Get in the moment", the Philips Monitors Momentum line engages users with an experience that keeps them on the edge of their seat, taking them into the heart of the action, rather than watching from the sidelines. 356M6QJAB is no exception.

The Ambiglow effect of 356M6QJAB.

Ambiglow technology aside, the 35" 356M6QJAB features AMD FreeSync™ technology for a smoother gaming experience. Say goodbye to choppy and broken frames that kill the joy of gaming. Instead, welcome artifact-free performance on your screen, where refresh rate is quick and response time, ultra fast.

Additionally, 356M6QJAB is crafted with premium materials for a sophisticated look. This is a monitor that one would feel proud to own.

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