Let’s Get Down to Business

By Philips Monitors, 01 Feb 2019.

Have you ever thought about how the display monitor you're currently using is affecting your work performance? Monitors can be a crucial part of a business, yet not all monitors are created equal. Therefore, it pays to know what to look for when investing in a monitor for work. Let us introduce you to our range of business monitors, with features that are indispensable for the best work performance.

Capture the precision of every image and video with the 328P6VUBREB, an UltraClear 4K UHD monitor that's built for professionals. 

Team productivity is key to ensuring good business performance, so there's no room for compromise when investing in the right tools. This includes the display monitors that your team depends on daily. At Philips, we design business monitors to enhance work performance in every way. To get you acquainted, here are some of the most important features in our business range monitors that you should know about:

Image clarity with QHD and UltraClear 4K UHD
A display monitor's quality, particularly in terms of image clarity, is of utmost importance.  So in both of our Philips Brilliance LCD monitors, the 328P6AUBREB and 328P6VUBREB, we've included image technology that provides nothing but breathtaking visuals that are crucial for precision.

While both monitors offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) for more life-like colorful visuals, as well as LowBlue Mode for easy-on-the-eyes productivity, there are subtle differences between the 328P6AUBREB and 328P6VUBREB monitors.

Firstly, the 328P6AUBREB is a Crystalclear QHD monitor with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. Due to its high pixel density, it ensures that visuals are always presented in striking detail. Furthermore, this monitor provides an expansive color space, which enables your business to achieve a high level of accuracy and consistency through the pro color standards of 99% AdobeRGB and 100% sRGB. On top of that, its 10-bit IPS technology provides full colors and wide viewing angles. Meanwhile, the 328P6VUBREB boasts UltraClear 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution for a stunning level of precision. It can also display 1.074 billion colors for incredibly smooth color gradations and detail.


Complex tasks need not to be a pain, make it more of a breeze with the MultiView Technology in our 328P6VUBREB monitor.

Multitask like a pro with MultiView Technology
Next up, is our 328P6VUBREB, which was designed to make complex tasks a breeze. It's most prominent feature is its MultiView technology, which enables you to experience a world of connectivity via active dual connect and view. This means you have the option of working with multiple devices, like PC and Notebook, side-by-side at the same time. You can also do a number of things while you work, such as watch live feeds from a set-top box, browse the Internet and keep an eye on live news feeds.

Simplifying connections with USB-C docking
How would you like it if we simplified your connections and reduced your desk clutter? Consider it done with our 241B7QUPBEB, a Full HD monitor featuring 1920 x 1080 resolution and crystal-clear IPS images. This monitor's revolutionary USB-C feature enables you to connect all your peripherals to it like a dock, thus keeping desk clutter and tangles wires at bay. On top of that, it employs a single slim and reversible USB-C cable that connects to your notebook to provide ultra-fast data and video transfer and even power delivery, so you can power and charge your notebook from the monitor.

Safety in connectivity with Philips' pop-up webcam
Webcams are a crucial part of any business, enabling you to connect and collaborate with colleagues, business associates and potential clients no matter where they are. With our QHD LCD Monitor with PowerSensor, the 272B7QPTKEB, you get so much more than crisp views and efficient performance. It features a webcam that conveniently pops up when you need it, then secures back down when you don't. This ingenious new pop-up webcam design provides you with an extra layer of security as it prevents uninvited guests like hackers from getting a behind the scenes look at your operations.


Maintaining comfort throughout the workday is important for overall wellbeing. With our SmartErgoBase, it's easy to make adjustments to suit your needs and preferences.

Keep it comfortable with SmartErgo Base
Though everyone must work hard, there's no reason for it to be hard on the body. To help reduce physical strain, we've incorporated the SmartErgoBase into our 349P7FUBEB  and 328P6AUBREB monitors. Besides its people-friendly height, the base also swivels and tilts so you can make adjustments to position the monitor for maximum comfort. The 328P6AUBREB's base has an additional feature whereby it can rotate too. Besides delivering ergonomic features, the SmartErgo Base also provides cable management, thus reduces cable clutter and keeping your workspace neat and professional.

UltraNarrow Border for multi displays
Last, but not least on this list, is the UltraNarrow Border, as found on new Philips displays like our 349P7FUBEB. This Curved UltraWide Display's sleek, UltraNarrow borders allows for minimal visual distractions and maximum viewing size, making it perfect for multi-display or tiling setup used in graphic design and professional applications. By giving you the feeling of using one large display, it expands your horizons and possibilities like never before.

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