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The Monitor for Creative Professionals

By Philips Monitors, 09 Aug 2018.

A whole new standard of technology is oftentimes needed to meet the high demands of creative work by professionals. If you are on the look out for a designer panel, perhaps you should consider the 328P6VUBREB. Let us give you the top five features it is packed with, to help you decide better.

Philips Monitors 328P6VUBREB.

Vesa-certified DisplayHDR 600
A major step up from DisplayHDR 400 based on the new standard of HDR system performance, enjoy peak luminance of 600 cd/m², double that of conventional monitors. Creative designers will surely appreciate the impressive highlights and deeper blacks of the Vesa-certified DisplayHDR 600 328P6VUBREB, where visuals, be they stills or videos, are more vivid, sharper and realistic from real-time contrast with local dimming.

Resolution for Precision
A high performance panel, 328P6VUBREB as you can tell, is packed with innovations to handle demanding professional work.

The brilliance of 328P6VUBREB’s UltraClear 4K UHD resolution.

Worth highlighting is its UltraClear 4K UHD resolution to render extremely detailed visuals. Whether one fires up graphics applications or huge financial spreadsheets, 328P6VUBREB makes sure that images and graphics are as real-looking as they can be.

True-to-Life Pictures
Ultra Wide-Color technology on the UltraClear 4K UHD display delivers exceptionally true-to-life pictures, thanks to its wider spectrum of colors. Monitors with UWC technology such as 328P6VUBREB has the color composition of color chips and LED backlights innovatively adjusted for a wider color gamut.

Comparing monitor with Ultra Wide-Color and conventional monitor.

Thanks to this tweak, greens are more natural, reds livelier and blues deeper. This greater range of colors makes it easier to work because accuracy in color reproduction is crucial to creative professionals. They need to have the exact colors in print as shown on screen.

Multi-tasking at its Best
The MultiView technology of 328P6VUBREB allows users to work on multiple applications simultaneously, opening up to four systems on one screen. With MultiView technology, a good usage would be security monitoring, whereby four systems can be monitored on the ultra high resolution screen without compromising on quality.

MultiView technology.

MultiView technology also allows for working on an active application while running another program in a smaller window in-screen. Multiple devices can also be hooked up side-by-side for more productive collaboration.

One-Cable Docking
The slim, reversible USB-C connector of 328P6VUBREB equals to a seamless connection of peripherals and other devices to the monitor via its docking station.

Seamless connectivity via One-Cable Docking System.

Take delight in data transfer at super speeds between notebook and computer, while recharging your notebook simultaneously. At the same time, its built-in RJ-45 ethernet offers the needed data security.

Both for Work and Play
While the 328P6VUBREB was designed and crafted for creative professionals in mind to aid them in their work via precision in detail and color, this is one monitor that performs just as well for entertainment purposes due to the viewing experience it offers. Additionally, equipped with High Definition Multi-Interface technology, easily connect your entertainment system to your monitor with just a single HDMI cable.

If you have been searching for an all-round monitor with an inclination towards professional designing and creation, 328P6VUBREB is well suited to meet your requirements.

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