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Professional Monitors With Innovative Solutions

By Philips Monitors, 27 Mar 2018.

As technology advances, it seems like many of us are clocking longer hours at the desk in front of the computer. While there does not seem to be an escape until retirement, our working hours don't have to be draggy.

Spending long hours at the computer can be exhausting.

This is exactly the reason Philips Monitors has released a number of professional monitors aimed at increasing work productivity, and as a result, make working more pleasant.

MultiView Technology
To be as productive as possible, most of us multi-task. Because we only have so many hours in a day, no matter how much we work, things don't seem to get done in a timely manner. This is why Philips Monitors have come out with MultiView Technology, a fitting solution for those who are overwhelmed with work and seemingly stuck at the computer for the entire day.

The MultiView technology boosts productivity by allowing user to work on four different applications simultaneously.

Let Philips Monitors' MultiView come to the rescue. With this technology, computer users can easily open four programmes or applications, in proportionate-sized windows, all in 4K resolution! Need to send out an email? Check the stock exchange? Do a quick search on Google? Draft a proposal on Word? You can do these all comfortably concurrently with MultiView technology. The expansive BDM4350UC, at 43", gives users ample screen real estate to spread out the applications for a larger view. Say goodbye to scrolling and squinting as all the finer details are displayed on screen effortlessly.

See how MultiView technology works on the BDM4350UC.

SmartErgoBase Innovation
Enjoy ergonomic display comfort with Philips Monitors' SmartErgoBase that enables people-friendly ergonomic adjustments.

SmartErgoBase is an innovation that allows adjustment of the monitor according to individual user.

SmartErgoBase allows for maximum comfort as users can adjust the monitor's height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle according to personal preference. This flexibility eases the physical strains of the long workday at the office. With 80% of the workforce leading a sedentary working life with minimal activity, SmartErgoBase is a must-have these days. On top of that, SmartErgoBase innovation reduces cable clutter on your work desk with smart cable management, tucking away cables and hiding them from sight. This translates to a more conducive professional work environment, thus boosting productivity.

Take comfort in 328P6VJEB from the P Line range of displays.

USB-C Dock
How does having the ability to connect all your devices to your computer monitor through one USB-C dock sound to you? Brilliant is just one word to sum up Philips Monitors' new easy one-cable-docking system. Utilizing the new USB 3.1 Type-C cable with a slim and reversible connector, take delight in the fastest speeds of 20 times as fast as USB 2.0 to transfer a 4K movie in under 60 seconds.

Having the USB-C Dock means hassle-free connectivity of laptop and other digital devices to monitor for larger view.

Connecting any of your electronic or digital peripherals to your display has never been this hassle-free. If you were to connect your laptop to your monitor, you can still enjoy high-resolution video output on your monitor without losing video quality. At the same time, get your laptop charged while being hooked up. This eliminates the need to charge it later. Moreover, you can keep the extra power cables away because one cable works just as well. In fact, it works better.

Experience the seamless connectivity of B Line's 258B6QUEB.

Ultra Narrow Border
What do you say about maximizing your viewing size, without the distractions on screen? This comes in the form of Philips Monitors' Ultra Narrow Border, creating an almost bezel-free effect.

UltraNarrow Border enlarges screen view.

Best suited for multiple display of applications, or used in a tiling setup, the seamlessness of an Ultra Narrow Border monitor gives off the effect of using one large display. This is particularly useful to graphic designers and creativity professionals who need all this real estate for their screen-intensive applications. The fact that an Ultra Narrow Border Philips Monitors looks so elegant and sleek sitting on your workstation is an added bonus. See, working long hours can be a joy with the right companions.

Check out Philips Monitors' S Line 271S7QJMB.

Depending on what you use your computer for in your daily work, you can find just the right Philips Monitors that would suit your professional needs.

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