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Do You Really Need Quantum Dot Technology?

By Philips Monitors, 27 Apr 2018.

The term "Quantum Dot" has been floating around technology circles in the past few years. This innovative semi-conductor nano-crystal technology enhances the true natural colors in the picture.

Introduced in Philips' Momentum line of monitors that are designed for those who take their multimedia entertainment seriously, the big question is why does one need it in his or her computer monitor.

Quantum dot explained
All jargons aside, quantum dot (QD) is actually a component used in an LCD screen that puts right the problem faced previously by LED-backlit LCD screens. As you may imagine from its name, these dots are tiny phosphorescent crystal particles of various sizes that glow when electricity is applied to them. Just for a sense of perspective, the size of these particles range from 4 to 12 nanometers in diameter, or about 50 atoms.

Quantum dots.

More dynamic range of colors
Unlike conventional displays, computer monitors that have adopted quantum dot technology produces a more dynamic range of colors, showing the true natural palette of colors on screen. The blues are bluer, greens greener and reds redder. The end result is a visual that is more vibrant, more true-to-life.

Higher contrast
With darker blacks and brighter whites, the higher contrast ratio translates to richer colors with finer details in shadows and highlights.

Color performance of a quantum dot-based monitor.

Better color accuracy
As though producing a larger natural palette of colors is not enough, the colors produced are more accurate to the colors we see in real life. This is good news for creative professionals whose work simply demands the most accurate of colors to be reproduced in their creation. No more second guessing with quantum dot technology!

Higher color saturation
At the same time, color saturation is enhanced due to wider color gamut. When combined with more precise color accuracy, the visuals become more vibrant. The screen simply 'pops'.

Displays with and without quantum dot technology.

In really simply terms, what quantum dot technology does is to enhance its color, in all aspects, resulting in greater level of detail in videos and images. This is really important for computer users who need their monitors to display the visuals in brilliant, true-to-life colors, especially in games and multimedia productions.

Upgrade your gaming experience
Quantum dot technology has been used in Philips Monitors' range of displays for serious gamers and those who want to up their multimedia experience.

Immersive gaming experience on the 436M6VBPAB.

With a billion shades of color bursting from your display, this Momentum Line is a game changer and its immersive entertainment value simply blows one away.

See Quantum Dot Technology at work in the 436M6VBPAB.