Philips’ reliable and secure pop-up webcam

By Philips Monitors, 02 Apr 2018.

Webcams are a great way to stay connected and collaborate with others, no matter where they are. But due to growing concerns for web safety, netizens have become wary of webcams. This is why Philips has come up with an ingenious new pop-up webcam.

Our fast-paced and technology-driven lifestyles demand that we are able to stay connected and communicate with others quickly and conveniently. Webcams have become a cost effective way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as to collaborate with colleagues who are spread across the country or around the world.

However, will all the pros of webcams, there are also cons. The main concern with the use of webcams is privacy and security. When hackers tap into webcams, they can use them to spy on others, invade privacy, steal information and even blackmail people. Due to Philips' passion for innovation and understanding of the security issues that consumers face, we've taken a good thing and made it even better.

Introducing the Philips pop-up webcam monitor - Here’s why you need one!

The Philips pop-up webcam in the 272P7VPTKEB monitor keeps you safe from unwanted intrusions.

Stay connected

With a fast Internet connection and a monitor with a pop-up webcam, there's a lot you can achieve. For example, not only can you see the person you're talking to, you can even talk to a group of people at once. In professional settings, video conferencing is an indispensible tool for business and projects.

No set up, no clutter

The Philips' pop-up webcam is built into the frame of the 272P7VPTKEB monitor. This means there's no need for you to purchase and set up a separate webcam. This reduces the clutter on your desk for a clean, streamlined appearance. Superior to other built-in webcams, the Philips pop-up webcam appears only when you need it and then tucks away when you don't. This monitor's narrow border provides a seamless appearance with minimal distractions and maximum viewing size.


Philips' pop-up webcam is there when you need it for conference calls, but tucks away securely to keep your business safe from risks.

Safe and secure

Every webcam in your home or office increases your security risk. If you don't want a webcam to stare down at your desk, room or office, there's no need to paste a piece of tape on your webcam. Just push it down! This protects from unwanted intrusion.

Design meets performance

Besides its pop-up webcam, the 272P7VPTKEB monitor is a 4K UHD monitor with a 3840 x 2160 resolution. Displaying extremely-detailed images, this monitor is ideal for professional requirements and makes images and graphics come to life. This monitor's IPS technology also enables you to enjoy a spectrum of 1.074 billion colors at wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees.

Learn more about Philips pop-up webcam from this video:

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