Monitors to Boost Small Businesses

By Philips Monitors, 29 Nov 2018.

The number of people who run home-based businesses is on the rise, and for small business startups, it's crucial to invest in the right monitors for their business needs. Whether you run computer classes, provide Internet marketing services, sell online or offer freelance design, there is a Philips monitor to meet your specific needs.

Today's job market is becoming increasingly competitive, leading more people to consider starting a home-based business, either full time or to generate additional income. The benefits of running your own business from home include being able to work remotely from anywhere with Internet access and set your own schedule and hours. But before you can benefit from such flexibility, you must first have the right tools to set your small business off on the right track.

Here's how Philips Monitors can help:

Teaching tech

The 221B8LJEB is the ideal Full HD monitor to start your own computer tutoring business. Let's face it, though many of us have become dependent on computers, not all of us are as tech savvy as we'd like to be. Therefore, there is an ever-present need for computer tutors and trainers. So if you're good with computer programs and the Internet, why not teach? Your students can range from individuals such as students, senior citizens and those with special needs, or even businesses that need help with specific programs or computer-related tasks. You can visit their homes and offices, or run classes from your home or a community centre. A solid Philips monitor for starting computer classes, is the 221B8LJEB. This 21.5" Full HD monitor provides crisp and vivid visuals, while eye care technologies such as Flicker-free and LowBlue Mode protect the eyes from eye fatigue and damage.

The 272B7QPTKEB is a people-friendly monitor that helps you stay connected with your clientele and ahead of the trend curve.

Master of online marketing

Internet marketing is a fast-growing sector, which is in need of those who are skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, social media networking and management, or website promotion. To set up your very own internet marketing service, our 272B7QPTKEB could be your ideal fit. This Quad HD LCD monitor provides crisp views and efficient performance to ensure that you always see the details and deliver your very best. Meanwhile, its SmartErgoBase, which enables people-friendly adjustments, ensure that you'll achieve maximum comfort despite putting in the hours in front of your computer. Another winning feature in this monitor is its ingenious pop-up webcam. It enables you to connect with clients no matter where they are, but also provides added security against camera hackers who may intrude upon your privacy.

Equipped with powerful features for performance, the 349P7FUBEB is the monitor of choice for professionals who need precision, accuracy and consistency in their work.

A freelancer's friend

Design work, such as digital photography, video editing, graphic design, website design and more, is always in demand, offering ample opportunities to those with the right skill set and a good mind for business. Demanding professional work requires a top-notch display that will enable you to see more and do more. Our expansive 349P7FUBEB, which is a curved UltraWide display, can help you achieve just that. Firstly, its curved design offers you a more immersive experience, focusing on you at the center of your desk. Secondly, its Ultra Wide-Color technology offers a wider range of colors for a brilliant picture that brings images, videos and all your content to vivid life. Another of its best features is MultiView, which enables active dual connect and view. This means you can work with multiple devices like a PC and notebook simultaneously, for complex multi-tasking.

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