Eco friendly

Our Greenest Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 15 Apr 2019.

Each individual has a role to play in keeping this planet healthy, and as consumers, this means making informed decisions on products and services that are both eco-friendly and sustainable....

A Fine Balance Between Technology and Budget

By Philips Monitors, 02 Jul 2018.

Planning to upgrade your computer monitor but on a limited budget? Perhaps you should check out the Philips Monitors E Line, a range of computers that offers some of the...

Philips P line monitors: Professional, productive and powerful

By Philips Monitors, 10 Dec 2017.

Combining the best performance features in a monitor, the Philips P line is designed to cap off your work day with capital productivity. It unites practical Philips functions such as...

Philips Playing an Active Role in Saving the Environment

By Philips Monitors, 25 Jul 2017.

Today's environmentally-conscious consumers demand electronic products and solutions with eco-friendly features that can help them to minimize their carbon footprints and save energy costs. Understanding the importance of sustainable products...

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