energy saving

Our Greenest Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 15 Apr 2019.

Each individual has a role to play in keeping this planet healthy, and as consumers, this means making informed decisions on products and services that are both eco-friendly and sustainable....

Philips Playing an Active Role in Saving the Environment

By Philips Monitors, 25 Jul 2017.

Today's environmentally-conscious consumers demand electronic products and solutions with eco-friendly features that can help them to minimize their carbon footprints and save energy costs. Understanding the importance of sustainable products...

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Philips Monitors For Your Organization

By Philips Monitors, 02 Jun 2017.

While working on the computer, the most used items of your computer are probably the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Obviously, the other computer paraphernalia work just as hard to keep...

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