Philips Brilliance

Fulfill Your Business & Leisure Needs With a Quad HD Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 31 Jan 2019.

What is Quad HD and why do you need a QHD monitor? QHD, or Quad High Definition, is a resolution standard created for high-end monitors. In this article, we showcase...

A Rousing Welcome to These New Kids On The Block

By Philips Monitors, 12 Dec 2017.

As technology advances, we continue to bring the best monitors to different segments of users, who each have specific requirements to meet certain needs. Therefore, let us introduce to you...

How can a single USB cable hook you up at work?

By Philips Monitors, 29 Aug 2017.

Expand your view with a single cable. It’s all in the display, the Philips 241B7QUPEB display to be exact. With built-in USB 3.0 hub, Ethernet, and stereo speakers, it enables...

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