The Curve Your Life Deserves

By Philips Monitors, 10 Aug 2018.

A wise person once said, "Life isn't a straight line," a reminder that we sometimes need a curve to see better angles and perspectives. The same is true for display technologies, where curved monitors are redefining how we experience work and entertainment.

Whether we realize it or not, display monitors have become an integral  part of modern daily life. We rely on them at work to make a living, and at home to entertain ourselves. Each day, we need them to stay connected with the world around us and beyond. As technologies and consumers become more and more sophisticated, there is a growing pursuit of the next 'big thing.' And now, with curved monitors, we can enjoy immersive viewing experiences like never before.

But what should you be looking for when adding a bit of curve into your life? Let us show you three curved Philips monitors with truly outstanding features: 

The 248E9QHSB's Ultra Wide-Color feature enables you to enjoy the full spectrum of colors, nature intended.

Stunning color
Rich, vivid color will never go out of style, and though technology has become more advanced, colors should always stay natural. To give you a broader spectrum of colors for a more brilliant picture, our 248E9QHSB monitor is equipped with Ultra Wide-Color technology. Its wider color gamut produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues, resulting in lively and vivid colors like you've never seen before.

To complement this dazzling array of realistic color, this monitor also features a curved Full HD VA display that uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology. This provides super-high static contrast ratios for extra bright and crisp images, bringing your media, entertainment, images, and even productivity to life!

The 328E9QJAB's curved screen is reminiscent of the natural curves found all around us in nature.

More than meets the eye
The design of curved monitors is inspired by nature, particularly the natural curvature of our eyes. In addition, the wrap-around effect of curved monitors, like the 328E9QJAB, places the emphasis on you at the center of your desk. But to take your viewing pleasure to the maximum, this 31.5' monitor was designed with narrow borders that give you with more screen space and a truly sleek appearance.

But that's not all, the 328E9QJAB also places an emphasis on eye wellbeing. It features a smart software technology called LowBlue Mode, which significantly cuts down harmful shortwave blue light. This helps negate the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to computer use, be it at work or at home.

Designed for true immersion, the 278E9QJAB is ideal for gamers who seek to elevate their performance and experience.

Ultimate immersion
In today's intense and competitive gaming, there's no room for compromise when it comes to picture quality and performance. This is why Philips Monitors has developed the 278E9QJAB curved monitor, which comes with Ultra Wide-Color, AMD FreeSync™ and Flicker-free technologies.

To provide gamers with a truly immersive viewing experience, Ultra Wide-Color ensures a wider color gamut for brilliant images, while AMD FreeSync™ brings you ultra-smooth action, which eliminates choppy gameplay and broken frames.

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