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Ultra-Narrow Border? Here Comes 4-Sided Frameless

By Philips Monitors, 29 Nov 2018.

Philips has always given priority to innovative solutions not only in terms of technology, but also design-wise.

With the launch of the new P Line models, we are delighted to introduce the 4-sided frameless range of monitors. Frameless? On all four sides? You bet. Let's check out one of the new models from the P Line: 241P8QPTKEB, and four of its other features.

Beyond UltraNarrow Border
UltraNarrow Border displays have been very well received by users who wish to expand their screen, either in a multi-display or tiling setup. There are many reasons why such a setup is required, either for work, entertainment or gaming. When these displays are placed side-by-side, the narrow borders do not distract, hence giving a feeling of viewing one large screen.

Philips Monitors 241P8QPTKEB in a multi-display setup.

With this new four-sided frameless display, viewing size has been given a step up, with almost zero distraction from the bezel on any side of the display. Can you imagine if you were to use this monitor in a multi-display or tiling setup, whether for gaming, security monitoring or other professional work? Your "large" monitor is even more seamless now, viewing it would be such a joy. Philips Monitors has definitely taken the definition of narrow border one step higher.

Extra wide viewing angles
4-Sided Frameless is not the only advantage of 241P8QPTKEB. Using IPS (in-plane switching) technology, enjoy extra wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees. This means the ability to view the display from almost any angle. Need your monitor at a 90-degree Pivot mode? Your wish is its command.

See more with 178/178 degrees viewing angle.

That's not all. Despite viewing the screen from any angle, it still delivers remarkable images in crisp vivid colors. Working on this monitor, or even for entertainment, color accuracy and consistent brightness are what you can expect from it.

Productivity boost
Experience a boost in your work productivity and business convenience when using the Philips 241P8QPTKEB. Equipped with DisplayPort-out, connect to multiple high resolution displays with a single cable only, from your display.

Daisy chaining is a convenience that boosts work productivity.

This setup is called daisy chaining as it enables users to utilize multiple displays in a seamless manner without the hassle of cables and wires all over the workstation. A tidy desk not only projects competency; an organized working environment improves office productivity as well.

Webcam security addressed
While the webcam is a great communication tool, especially for connecting with others across the world or even collaborating on projects despite not being in the same location, it has been a cause for concern lately. The main issues of the webcam circle around privacy and security. Hackers may have the ability to tap into webcams, using it as a spying device to invade privacy and steal sensitive information.

The pop-up webcam of 241P8QPTKEB addresses web privacy concerns.

Understanding the importance of webcam security, Philips Monitors designed the ingenious pop-up webcam that neatly tucks away into the frame of the monitor when it is not in use. Pop it up when you need it, pop it down when you don't.

Energy-saving display
Save up to 80% on energy costs with the innovative Hideaway PowerSensor, a built-in people-sensor that detects a user at the monitor by transmitting and receiving harmless infrared signals.

Energy-saving PowerSensor mode prolongs monitor life.

Another advantage of this PowerSensor, besides saving energy, is prolonging monitor life. This new-design Hideaway PowerSensor folds out of the way for monitors used in multi-display setups.

Interested in this 4-sided frameless 241P8QPTKEB?