Add zen to your den

By Philips Monitors, 26 Aug 2019.

In today's hectic lifestyle, peace and clarity can be hard to come by. In order to regain more mental energy and inspiration, the key is to embrace a less frazzled or more 'zen' life.

To begin, why not start at your workspace, where you spend much of your time. A sleek, space-saving and powerful display monitor, like our award-winning 276C8, can make all the difference.

Wish you had a work area that looked like this? Check out how our 276C8 monitor can help you gain more zen in your den.

Space-saving and minimalistic
Utilizing the latest technology panels, the 276C8 is exceptionally UltraSlim, measuring just 6.1mm in thickness. Without the unnecessary bulk, this stylish flat monitor frees up both visual and physical space at your desk.

The 276C8 is UltraSlim, without compromising on technological features.Furthermore, its Zero Edge design limits the outer bezel thickness to provide a seamless and edgeless look that allows for minimal distractions and maximum viewing size.

Captivating visuals
Struggling with mental clarity at work? Perhaps the 276C8 can help breathe new life into your workspace with its UltraWide-Color technology. Delivering vivid, true-to-life visuals, this tech  renders a fuller palette of rich new colors to give you a visual experience that engages your senses and inspires emotions for everyday productivity.

Decluttering or reorganizing your workspace for a better work flow? Start it off by investing in an Ultraslim and powerful 276C8 monitor.

Easy connections
Beyond its minimalistic looks and stunning visuals, this monitor also works smart for you. Equipped with a  built-in USB type-C, it simplifies your connections by enabling you to easily connect your notebook to it with a single, reversible USB-C cable to watch high-resolution video.

Gain fresh perspectives
The 276C8, which provides a Quad HD image, uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology to ensure consistent brightness and color accuracy from all angles. This enables you to enjoy not only stunning visuals, but wide viewing angles and the ability to explore various perspectives. Alongside AMD FreeSync, which offers reduced screen tearing, this monitor enables you to enjoy intense gaming sessions.

Our award-winning 276C8 monitor is ultra-slim with a seamless and edgeless look that saves space and reduces visual clutter for a calm and collected work space.

Award-winning design
Earlier, we mentioned this monitor's UltraSlim profile and Zero Edge 3-sided borderless design. These key features are what helped the  276C8 to win the highly-coveted Red DotAward in 2018 for a design of the highest quality. When you introduce this monitor into your workspace, you're bringing in the very best in design aesthetics to elevate any interior.

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