Back to business for 2019

By Philips Monitors, 18 Jul 2019.

When it comes to refreshing your office needs, look no further than Philips top picks to perk up workplace productivity

As a new year dawns, it’s time to take stock and make a fresh start. To draw a line in the sand and embark on a novel journey. What better way to project that feeling of rebirth and replenishment into the workplace than by investing in new equipment. So if you want to make a difference in office efficiency, this is where to start– your monitor. A new monitor is a clear sign, which a forward-thinking employer cares about their eyes and wellbeing, providing the best to your staff. And in return, you’ll get the best results back. Here are five top picks to perk up productivity today.

A mid-sized, 31.5-inch monitor from our professional P-Line.

P6 (328P6VUBREB)
Enjoy USB-C docking: Clear desk clutter by streamlining multiple functions into a single cable. Power your notebook or laptop direct from your monitor – no need to carry a charger ever again.

Experience High Dynamic Range (HDR): Expect crystal clear visuals with greater clarity, depth and contrast thanks to Ultra Wide-Colour Technology, which offers a far wider spectrum of palettes and shades than most monitors on the market.

Make compelling presentations: Impress clients with appealingUltraClear 4K UHD Resolution, while LowBlue Mode reduces harmful shortwave blue light rays proven to affect eyesight and damage vision over time.
The joys of MultiView: Work with multiple devices on the same screen simultaneously – want to watch the match while working on that report? No problem.

From our accessible S-Line, this 23.8-inch monitor delivers top features for all.

S7 (243S7) with SoftBlue Technology

Enjoy higher resolution: With a crisp Full HD visual experience delivered at 1920 x 1080, in a standard widescreen ratio of 16:9.

Easy on the eyes: All S7’s now come equipped with SoftBlue, an LED technology developed to reduce harmful shortwave blue light without affecting the color or image of the display, and certified by international testing organization TUV Rheinland.

View from any angle: IPS technology offers full colors and a crisp picture, whatever the app and from any angle. Meanwhile, the UltraNarrow border display ensures a seamless appearance.

Already optimized: Philips’ exclusive SmartImagetechnology automatically assesses what’s on your screen – whether it be a movie or a spreadsheet – and tweaks the display to give you the best picture. Alternatively, flick between optimized tailor-made pre-sets for Office, Photo, Game, etc – while the Economy mode delivers significant energy saving benefits.

Also included: Built-in speakers, LowBlue Mode, FlickerFree, Smart Ergo Base.

This 23.8-inch monitor comes from our dedicated business-focused B-Line.

B7 (241B7QUPBEB)
Save cash with PowerSensor: Your monitor employs harmless infrared technology to realize when its user steps away – and switches automatically to a low power mode, cutting overall energy use by as much as 80%.

See more, do more: Thanks to Wide Viewing Angle you can enjoy a crystal clear picture from any angle, while the UltraNarrow Border removes distractions and gives a more seamless experience.

USB-C docking: Carefree connectivity with a single, simple cable for power, data and more, while DisplayPort Out means you can easily “Daisychain” to connect multiple devices.

SmartErgoBase: Maximum comfort thanks to an ergonomic and adjustable design.
Also enjoy: EasyRead mode, LowBlue Mode, Built-in Speakers, Flicker-free.


A brand new twist on Philips’ famous, 49-inch* curved Super-Wide display, ideal for business users.

Extreme Wide Curved Monitor (499P9H1)
Unrivalled perspective: With 5120 x 1440 resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio, this Super-Wide display offers the same experience as tiling two 27-inch widescreen (16:9) monitors – with the added benefit of 1800R curvature. But without, of course, the annoying borders blocking your view.

Ideal for multitasking: MultiVew technology means you can work from up to four devices simultaneously from a single screen, each split into their designated quadrant – like four monitors in one.
Increased connectivity: Such multi-use functionality, of course, demands ready connectivity.

No problems here: You’re loaded with a built-in USB-C docking station, allowing easy, one-cable transfer and power. There’s also two HDMI and two DisplayPort connections, and a built-in KVM switch to easily switch between sources.

Smart design: Amongst the notable design features is Philips' innovative and secure pop-up Windows Hello webcam, which employs facial recognition that conveniently logs you into your Windows devices in less than two seconds. The innovative, sleek curved design is one of the many reasons this model honoured with a RedDot Award 2018.

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