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Curved Monitors Vs Flat Monitors

By Philips Monitors, 19 Apr 2019.

Imagine this scenario for a minute. You're standing in a home electronics store and you're trying to buy a display monitor. You're faced with two monitors with the same specifications. But the only difference is - one is curved and the other is flat. Which one do you take home? Before you make that decision, we invite you to have a look at three pros offered by curved monitors.

Curved monitors like the 278E9QJAB incorporate technologies that offer an immersive viewing experience.

Experience the immersion

Display technology is so advanced these days that you can do more than just 'watch' what's on screen. In fact, you can become 'immersed' in it! A curved display like Philips' 278E9QJAB is engineered to engage your senses. It also creates a viewing experience that's so immersive, you can actually begin to forget that you're looking at a screen.

How is this achieved? Well, it's all down to science and the way our eyes perceive what they see. Traditionally, a flat screen allows us to see things in two dimensions. However, a curved display enables us to see in three dimensions through our 'peripheral' vision, which is what our eyes can see on the outer edges.  This expanded vision offers you a more powerful and immersive experience.

Though large in size, curved monitors like the 328E9QHSB have the added advantage of expanding your field of view without distortions.

Greater FOV without distortions

All living things have a natural FOV or field of view. This is the area that you can see through your eyes. If an image lies a bit beyond that, you won't be able to see it very clearly. So when you're looking at a large, flat screen, typically some parts of the image you're looking at will be beyond your natural field of view.

In addition, because an image on a flat screen travels in a straight path, parts of the image will appear distorted around the edges. With curved displays like the 328E9QHSB, you won't have to suffer these issues. The curvature not only offers you a larger field of view, but also projects the image directly at you to prevent image distortions.

For a more natural feel, curved monitors like our 278E9QJAB are unbeatable, as there is reduced eye strain.

More comfortable for your eyes

Eye fatigue, which can lead to strain, blurred vision and headaches, is a common concern for consumers these days. With flat screens, the distance between your eyes and the screen changes as your eyes move from the center of the screen to the edges. The constant focusing and refocusing that naturally occurs in your eyes can lead to eye fatigue.

However, with a curved display like the 278E9QJAB, the distance between your eyes and the screen is more uniform. With its wider field of view, a curved monitor also enables you to take in everything at all once, which is easier on the eyes. Therefore, with a curved monitor, you enjoy better definition, a more immersive experience and your eyes stay more comfortable. What’s not to love?

Amazing gaming

Another benefit to curved monitors is the incredible gaming experience that you'll get, thanks to the immersive visuals and wider field of view. The slight curve of the monitor will wrap around you and give you the feeling that you're in the heart of the action. This wrap-around effect will elevate your game, and can make your gameplay more intense and intuitive.

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