Gift Dad a New Monitor for Father’s Day!

By Philips Monitors, 16 May 2019.

Fathers are unsung heroes, always working hard for the family and putting the children's needs first. And yet, when Father's Day comes around, many of us run out of gift ideas for dad. Well this year, we say skip the cufflinks, necktie or power tools. Recent polls have shown that secretly, most fathers would like to get gadgets or electronics… but they won’t tell us that.

So, for this upcoming Father's Day, we'd like to introduce you to a range of monitors that suit dad's needs. Let's take a look!

 This monitor's slim and reversible USB-C docking enables the multi-tasking dad to watch high-resolution videos and transfer super-speed data while powering up and re-charging his notebook.

For The Multi-TaskerDoes your father like to tackle a couple of things at once? Then help him to multi-task like a pro with our 328P6VUBREB monitor. Featuring a built-in USB-C docking station, this monitor enables your dad to simplify connections to his keyboard, mouse, printer and other peripherals to the monitor's docking station. In addition, its MultiView feature enables him to experience a world of connectivity with active dual connect and view. This means he can work with multiple devices, like a PC and notebook, at the same time, making complex multi-tasking more of a breeze.

The 271B8QJEB monitor's EasyRead Mode gives dad that paper-like reading experience.

For The Avid ReaderIf your dad has gone paperless and does most of his reading online, kudos to him! Be it vintage comics or news articles, you can give him that paper-like reading experience with Philips' EasyRead Mode, which can be found in our 271B8QJEB monitor.

Dad deserves a clutter-free work station, let him enjoy his music without the fuss with the 328E9QJAB.

For The Music Man
For the father who likes listening to music while he works, we suggest getting our 328E9QJAB monitor. Not only does this Full HD monitor boast Ultra Wide-Color to bring images to life, but it also includes a pair of built-in high-quality stereo speakers. Because they're built-in, these speakers enable your dad to enjoy a simpler, clutter-free work station. There are fewer cables to fuss over and it's a great setup if dad prefers not to use external speakers or headphones.

The LowBlue Mode of our 230S8QHSB monitor helps your dad to safeguard the health of his eyes.

For The Hard WorkerDad works hard, but the long hours he puts in at the computer can be taking a toll on his eyes. Help him to protect his eyes with the LowBlue Mode feature of our 230S8QHSB monitor. This Philips eyecare technology uses smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light. This protects his eyes from damage due to long-term exposure to blue light.

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