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By Philips Monitors, 20 Jun 2019.

Philips Monitors participated in two ICT expositions earlier this year in Japan. Let's see what transpired at Tokushima ICT Bazaar 2019 in Tokushima and DIS ICT Expo in Nagoya. Both were held in February.

DIS-PowerDay 2019.

Event: Tokushima ICT Bazaar 2019

Date: 15th February 2019, Friday

Venue: Tokushima

On 15th February, Tokushima Prefecture organised DIS-PowerDay, attracting 200 visitors. The event was held in two parts: lecture by IT experts, and 8th ICT Tokushima Grand Prize Awards ceremony. During the prize presentation, the Grand Prize entry (Drone videos, VR works, PR video with the theme of Tokushima prefecture etc.) was shown on Philips Monitors. Displayed products during the event were 55BDL10007X/11 and 499P9H1/11.

This event has deepened the relationship of the people in Chugoku-Shikoku Sales Department who supported the operation. The opportunity for sales companions has also increased and led to 15 cases of sales.

After the bazaar, we have met 30 business groups in Shikoku during our 7 days of visit between March to May 2019. Five of them has led to a deal and the remaining 25 cases are still open.

Philips booth.
Displayed product.

Meanwhile, DIS also organized the DIS ICT Expo in Nagoya on 15th February 2019 which is the same day as Tokushima ICT Bazaar and 1000 visitors has attended the event.

Event: DIS ICT Expo

Date: 15th February 2019, Friday

Venue: Nagoya

The displayed products included: 42BDL5055P/11, 43BDL4050D/11, 32BDL4050D/11, and 241B7QUPBEB/11.

This exhibition helped to create product awareness and opportunity for 499P9H1/11. There were also discussions about dealers considering to purchase other Philips Monitors models.

The primary objective of holding an exhibition to increase dealership was met.