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MMD Singapore Appoints Vien Son Computer Technology Co., LTD As New Philips Monitors’ Distributor in Vietnam

By Philips Monitors, 17 May 2019.

In order to expand the market in Vietnam, Philips Monitors authorized Vien Son Computer Technology Co., LTD as distributor in Vietnam.

Also, Philips Monitors introduced new curved monitors in Vietnam market, which include 31” and 27” with 144Hz; Ultra Wide-Color Monitors and new monitors that have eye protection technology like LowBlue Mode and Flicker-Free.

Mr. Kevin Wu (AP General Manager) awards the distributor certificate to Mr. Le Hoang son – Director of Vien Son Company.

Mr. Kevin Wu, General Manager of Asia Pacific region said that with more than 25 years of experience, Philips Monitor has many advanced and exclusive technologies, and believe that Philips Monitor will create more unique, impressive product and technology for the Vietnamese market.

“Vien Son will be the distributor that can bring quality product to Vietnamese consumers with reasonable price and good services. Philips Monitors and Vien Son will constantly improve our product, quality of after-sales service in order to bring the best experience to customers,” Mr. Wu states.

Curved monitors – Gaming choice

Two new gaming monitors from Philips, 328M6FJMB and 278M6QJEB, are great choices for gamers in Vientam. Philips Monitors understands human spherical eyes, therefore these two models were designed with ideal curvature for gamers to easily observe and capture every detail on the monitors from every angle.

Ideal monitors for gamers.

The 328M6FJMB model is 31.5” in size and features QHD (2K) resolution, 144Hz, VA panel and AMD FreeSync, which will bring great, vivid images for gamers. Ambiglow technology is definitely something that gamers like best about this monitor. The lighting system of the monitors adjusts to fit the color of image on the screen, which creates an impressive gaming environment.

The 278M6QJEB model is 27” in size, has Full HD resolution, AMD FreeSync technology and 144Hz, MVA panel. A special feature of 278M6QJEB that gamers should notice is AMD FreeSync, which synchronizes the processing speed of the monitor with GPU. This creates smooth visual image, and eliminates tearing.

Vivid colors with Ultra Wide-Color Technology

Ultra Wide-Color technology provides a wider color spectrum, for brighter images. The wider "color gamut" of Ultra Wide-Color can reproduce natural greens, more vivid reds and deeper blues. You will admire images, multimedia quality and vivid and vibrant color productivity.

Vivid image from Ultra Wide-Color Technology.

Ultra Wide-Color technology is integrated by Philips on new product lines 278E9QJAB and 248E9QHSB. These products are suitable for creativity jobs that require high precision.

Protection for user’s eyes

In the age of digital technology, eyes often have to contact with many devices such as TVs, computers, tablets, phones ... Many people always have the feeling of eyes strain, eyes pain when using these devices over a long time. Understanding the harmful effects of blue light on the user's eyes, Philips has studied and integrated LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology into their monitor models.

LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free protect user’s eyes.

These technologies help reduce over 90% of the harmful effects of blue light without affecting the true color and sharpness of the screen. Besides, Philips is also equipped with Flicker-free technology, reducing the phenomenon of screen flickering, helping users reduce eye strain.

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