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Philips 4K Ultra High Definition Monitors, the Desktop Companion You Need

By Philips Monitors, 17 Jul 2019.

Like it or not, living in a modern-day world dictated by technology, most of our daily work tasks are conducted on the computer. Whether we are in teaching, designing, videography, or accounting, for example, there is just a program or two to help us accomplish what's required.

Beyond our professional career, many of us depend on the computer for entertainment, to get some rest and recreation after a long day at work, or to chill over the weekend.

As such, while getting an advanced computer is important, procuring a monitor that matches today's technological development is one of the best investments that we can make, in both other professional and personal lives.

Some of the 4K Ultra HD displays from Philips Monitors.

Philips Monitors is able to offer just the display technology needed to make long hours of usage at the computer display, not only extra productive, but also so much more enjoyable. With this, we mean Philips 4K Ultra High Definition resolution monitors, and the models to take note of are 278E1A, 328E1CA, 326M6VJRMB, 288B6LJRNB, 328P6VUBREB, and 329P9H.

The power of 8 million pixels

Philips 4K Ultra HD monitors have set a new standard in image quality, as they are packed with four times more pixels than conventional 1080p displays, meaning 8 million pixels!

8 million pixels.

As you can imagine, image quality is far superior than Full High Definition (Full HD), to give a stronger impact on digital content and imagery in computer monitors and screens of other smart devices.

Size does matter, of course

Say what you like, but size matters when it comes to computer monitors. The bigger the display, the better it is. So, it is no surprise that 4K UHD screens are taller and wider than their predecessors; HD, Full HD, and Wide Quad HD.

Bigger equals better.

Compared to Full HD with 2 megapixels and Wide Quad HD with 3.6 megapixels, 4K UHD screens with 8.2 megapixels bring to us sharper, clearer and more detailed visuals, for an overall more pleasant viewing experience.

See the finer details

The True 8-bit color depth of 4K Ultra HD resolution means the brilliance of a full spectrum of 16.77 million colors is brought to screen. When it is said that the incredible detail of 4K UHD is to be seen to believed, it is definitely not a joke.

4K Ultra HD resolution offers unprecedented detail.

When combined with the Frame Rate Control (FRC) color depth, it translates to vivid UltraClear visuals that come to life and captivate your imagination. All of the above guarantee color accuracy and consistency, especially welcomed by design professionals.

Take charge of your work

With more than enough room on screen to spread out, handling huge spreadsheets, professional applications, or running multiple programs simultaneously without losing visual quality, is now a piece of cake.

View more with 4K UHD.

Take charge of your work by making maximum use of the screen real estate; say goodbye to incessant scrolls!

Step up your productivity

The expanded view of 4K UHD with its 3840 x 2160px resolution allows for a new level of comfortable viewing. With one fewer visual challenge of using a smaller computer monitor, enjoy the easy flow of ideas and see how your creativity is unleashed.

Boosted productivity, as well as creativity.

Way more can definitely be accomplished when your working partner is the Philips 4K Ultra High Definition monitor that offers you a fresher visual experience.

Work harder, yet play smarter with the 4K UHD resolution of Philips Monitors.

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