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Philips Monitors Malaysia Meet & Greet

By Philips Monitors, 21 Jun 2019.

Event: Central Dealer Gathering

Date: 25th April 2019, Thursday

Venue: Farmers Street Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

The event was a collaborative effort of local Philips Monitors distributor (Banleong), together with Gigabyte and Plantronics. Almost fifty monitor dealers in the Central region were invited to an exclusive meet & greet luncheon at Farmers Street Restaurant Petaling Jaya, on 25th April, 2019. The purpose of this gathering was to share the upcoming road map of Philips Monitors and to approach non-Philips monitor dealers, creating an awareness on Philips display range for them.

Dealer briefing.
Product display: 325C7QJSB.
Product display: 325C7QJSB.
Product display: 278E9QJAB and 436M6VRAB.
Dealer meet & greet.
At Farmers Street Restaurant, Petaling Jaya.