Innovations that simplify business connections

By Philips Monitors, 29 Oct 2019.

In business, connections can be everything, be it with your team members, partners, investors or clients. To help you stay connected, we've designed the 272B7QUBHEB display monitor with solutions that...

Answering the Call to Combat Global E-Waste

By Philips Monitors, 25 Sep 2019.

Studies have shown that the world produces almost 50 million metric tons of e-waste per year. At this rate, by Year 2050, 120 million metric tons of e-waste would be...

Boosting Business Productivity with Daisy Chain

By Philips Monitors, 25 Sep 2019.

We often hear people lament that 24 hours a day is insufficient. Well, the number of minutes in a day is not something that we can change, but we can...

Stay Connected with Built-in USB-C Docking

By Philips Monitors, 26 Jun 2019.

Albert Einstein once said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” This quote has undoubtedly inspired countless doers and thinkers throughout the decades, in their quest to make things simpler, more streamlined...

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