Flicker free technology

Easy-on-the-Eyes Productivity

By Philips Monitors, 26 Aug 2019.

Do you find that your eyes get too dry after a long day at work? Do you see dark spots in your vision temporarily? If the answer is “yes”, then...

Reasons to love the 323E7QDAB

By Philips Monitors, 02 May 2018.

The Philips 323E7QDAB monitor was designed for those who expect more out of their computer monitor. Equipped with IPS LED wide view technology, extra-wide viewing angles, SmartContrast and Flicker-free technology,...

Four Key Features You Want In A Top Computer Monitor

By Philips Monitors, 29 Apr 2018.

Shopping can be a joy, and at the same time, it can be a chore. Like buying clothes or furniture, buying a computer monitor is just as confusing. In fact,...

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