Choosing the Right Monitor for Your Business

By Philips Monitors, 04 Nov 2019.

No matter if you have just set up an enterprise or been in business for decades and counting, there is always a need to re-evaluate the computer monitors in your...

0 Watt Hard Switch

By Philips Monitors, 29 Oct 2019.

One of the most obvious reasons that companies are cutting down on their electricity bill is to reduce their overall company expenditure. Looking at the bigger picture, though, a lower...

Answering the Call to Combat Global E-Waste

By Philips Monitors, 25 Sep 2019.

Studies have shown that the world produces almost 50 million metric tons of e-waste per year. At this rate, by Year 2050, 120 million metric tons of e-waste would be...

Philips Playing an Active Role in Saving the Environment

By Philips Monitors, 25 Jul 2017.

Today's environmentally-conscious consumers demand electronic products and solutions with eco-friendly features that can help them to minimize their carbon footprints and save energy costs. Understanding the importance of sustainable products...

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