Ultra Slim

Add zen to your den

By Philips Monitors, 26 Aug 2019.

In today's hectic lifestyle, peace and clarity can be hard to come by. In order to regain more mental energy and inspiration, the key is to embrace a less frazzled...

This month’s top picks for Philips Monitors

By Philips Monitors, 05 Jun 2018.

We've put a lot of passion into each monitor we design, so it's hard to pick favorites. But if we were to choose a few to highlight this month, it...

What makes the 278E8QJAW/B Monitor super friendly?

By Philips Monitors, 12 Dec 2017.

The Philips 278E8QJAW/B monitor is gently curved and packed with user-friendly features like FreeSync, Flicker-Free, ergonomic tilt and built-in speakers that make them excellent viewing companions. We all know that...

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