What Is Your Workspace Display Setup Style?

By Philips Monitors, 19 Apr 2019.

While studies have found that working in an uncluttered workspace can increase productivity due to the user's ability to focus longer on the tasks at hand, this discovery may not hold true for everyone. This is because another scientific study has discovered that a messy desk actually promotes creative thinking, as clutter stimulates new ideas.

So, which is more accurate? Importantly, which applies to you? Do you find yourself working better on a clean and clutter-free desk, or on one that is as messy as can be?

Also, how do you set up your monitor to be able to work comfortably? For most of us, one display seated on our desk serves us well, but there are others who require two or even three monitors arranged in a row, either for video production, gaming, or other purposes. This setup can now be replaced with a single Philips Monitors 499P9H1 that boasts a 32:9 SuperWide curved screen, for multi-tasking on one wide screen.

And then there are multi-tier monitor setups, usually for security monitoring. Let's not forget another group of users who prefer to have their monitors wall mounted.

At Philips Monitors, a range of monitors has been developed to suit different office environments and work styles to push productivity as well as enjoyment to the maximum.

VESA mount for flexibility

No doubt, Philips Monitors 241B8QJEB, with its 23.8" screen, is nicely suited for a simple workstation with a single monitor. However, users who wish to mount their display can opt for 241B8QJEB also as this IPS LED wide view screen can very well be mounted to the wall as it accepts a 100mm × 100mm mounting interface, to be used for disseminating information in portrait mode.

Philips Monitors 241B8QJEB in EasyRead Mode.

For users who prefer extra versatility and boosted productivity, they should be glad to know that 241B8QJEB is exceptionally apt for those who wish to take advantage of its EasyRead mode, turning the monitor on its stand by 90 degrees, for paper-like reading experience. Have a lengthy document to go through? Do it in comfort using EasyRead mode.

Narrow borders for maximum viewing

While the 241B8QJEB boasts narrow borders for a seamless appearance, another candidate to be used in a multi-display setup, either in a row or tiling setup, is 272B7QPJEB. Also featuring ultra-narrow borders, 272B7QPJEB allows for maximum viewing size with minimal distraction.

Minimal distraction with 272B7QPJEB multi-display setup.

When running professional applications, graphic design programs or playing games that support multiple panels, 272B7QPJEB sure comes in handy as two or three of these screens give the feeling of using one large display instead.

Of course, with the introduction of Philips Monitors 499P9H1 with a 32:9 SuperWide curved screen, some users prefer this rather than a multi-screen setup. It all boils down to personal preference. Master the art of multi-tasking either way!

Just imagine how much can be accomplished with Philips Monitors 499P9H1, that equals to the size of two 27" QHD monitors! Plus, it is equipped with the revolutionary USB-C docking station, utilizing USB-C industry standard of simplifying connections via the slim and reversible cable to all peripherals.

Connect multiple displays

Should you require multiple displays in the course of your work, a good consideration would be Philips Monitors 272B7QUPBEB that features DisplayPort-out and USB-C docking station.

Daisy chaining using Philips Monitors 272B7QUPBEB.

This screen allows user to connect multiple high resolution displays seamlessly using just one cable from the first display to PC. Known as daisy chaining, this is certainly a great way to maintain a clutter-free desktop, as fewer cables are used!

Prioritizing mobility

If being mobile is a priority, you probably prefer to work on the laptop. Rediscover the joy of working more comfortably on a larger screen when you hook it up to the Philips Monitors 328P6VUBREB, which allows you to spread out your documents on the 31.5" size screen.

This revolutionary USB-C docking 328P6AUBREB simplifies connections.

Its highlight is the USB-C docking station, that you can connect to your laptop, and other peripherals, easily with just one USB-C cable. The USB-C docking station with power delivery not only simplifies connections, it also ensures fast data and power transfers, enhancing overall flexibility and efficiency of use.

Of the above four display setups, which style describes you best?

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